Case Studies

What’s the impact of mobile, social and video on purchase decisions?
NetPop has conducted quantitative research that examines automotive shopping behaviors around the world. The study encompassed 26 countries, looking to understand how recent and potential auto buyers research their purchasing decisions with the help of mobile devices, online video, and social media. The resulting data has created normative benchmarks for the client’s global sales team, and allowed for a better understanding of consumer sales drivers across a variety of channels.
How can we segment our target audience beyond traditional demographics?
NetPop collaborated with a Silicon Valley tech leader to create a multi-variate market segmentation of the company’s target audience. Hoping to better understand what appealed to one group of users over another, NetPop created a psychographic model of the U.S. online population to illuminate the personal attributes that traditional demographic breakdowns often overlook. The result was a holistic portrait of six core user segments, illustrating the things that matter most to them on the web, which was then used as a tool to guide product marketing and development initiatives throughout the coming year.
What makes our audience more attractive to advertisers than competitive sites?
Looking to evolve their growth strategy and increase their online revenue, a digital media start-up tapped NetPop to conduct an analysis of user attitudes and behaviors with the intent of evaluating how the activities of their existing customer base compared with the online population at large. By fielding and collecting data designed to measure levels of user affinity and engagement, NetPop succeeded in validating the company’s core value proposition, which aided critical marketing initiatives and laid the groundwork for the development of new revenue channels.
How can we drive strategic planning with management teams globally?
NetPop was asked by a prominent Fortune 500 company to conduct a global study meant to evaluate the overall satisfaction of existing partners and end customers with its ad sales business. Now in the 8th year, we’ve continued to survey our client’s existing network of customers on an annual basis, aggregating the data from countries on five continents and reporting back the most useful findings on how to better the company’s product offering. Our work continues to inform the team’s strategic planning at the global, regional and national-level -- helping to strengthen and evolve an already lucrative online advertising ecosystem.
How well is our mobile app performing on alternative devices and OS platforms against the competition?
NetPop was charged with conducting a competitive landscape and consumer satisfaction analysis for a large tech company’s revamped mobile application. With great upheaval in the market--from competitors new and old--we worked with a dedicated client team to evaluate the application’s performance on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices across a variety of existing operating systems. The resulting report informed a shift in the product team’s overall market strategy, based on identified changes in user behaviors and perceptions.
How can research support the development of a thought-leadership platform for our company?
Working in conjunction with a California non-profit and a major U.S. charitable foundation, NetPop launched an in-depth study into the future of Intellectual Property and its evolving role in the Digital Age. Aided by a team of advisors and thought leaders in the field of IP, the NetPop team designed and executed a number of round-table focus groups across the country, as well as quantitative surveys, to evaluate current understandings of content monetization and the legal and ethical hurdle it continues to face.
How can qualitative research be conducted globally and cost-effectively?
NetPop worked with a major auto manufacturer to figure out how they could better position their brand to succeed in an already crowded European market. To do so, NetPop conducted online focus groups in a number of European nations to assess the brand’s competitive edge and evaluate its overall positioning amongst its peers. The data we collected were translated from six different languages to better inform the design of a multinational ad campaign, targeting a specific segment of the car maker’s existing customer base and complementing their larger brand strategy in the overseas market.