New Data Insights Product Development

It takes more than just great data and technology to build a winning product.

A deep understanding of the current needs (served and unserved) of potential target audiences is also required to focus and prioritize development plans.

To this end, our client sought help in understanding the potential of a new data insights product.

IT and business professionals from target industries were interviewed via telephone and bulletin board focus groups over a one-week period.

Our research helped identify the unique use-cases and unmet needs for each industry, and how this type of data could be used to address them.

Armed with insights on how their product could serve key industries, our client was able to refine their product development plans.

Product Feature Positioning

How many times have you heard that a new product that is "smart" or "intelligent"?

AI is certainly on the rise.

To help position its new AI-enabled features, NetPop designed a two-phased study to understand perceptions of features, products and overall brand competence.

Insights led to the development of a perceptual map, illustrating how far our client could go (or not) in associating their features/products with the notion of "intelligence".

Positioning is a tricky thing: Go too far and buyers become cynical.

Hang back and your competitor will usurp the “white space” you had an opportunity to own.

Research did not give the answer to this conundrum, but it set the parameters from which internal discussions could unfold.

Automotive Brand Positioning

NetPop worked with a major auto manufacturer to figure out how they could better position their brand to succeed in an already crowded European market.

To do so, NetPop conducted online focus groups in a number of European nations to assess the brand’s competitive edge and evaluate its overall positioning amongst its peers.

The data we collected were translated from six different languages to better inform the design of a multinational ad campaign, targeting a specific segment of the car maker’s existing customer base and complementing their larger brand strategy in the overseas market.

Enterprise User Personas

Having made successful inroads in the consumer/home market, a major device manufacturer sought NetPop’s help in positioning their product for the enterprise business market.

Online bulletin board focus groups were conducted with current and prospective IT buyers. Based on participant responses, NetPop developed key archetypes or “personas” of typical users of the device and how it supported their functional roles.

NetPop effectively captured the varied use cases for this product, tying key product features to the workers who benefit from them.

This in turn enabled our client’s marketing team to craft more compelling stories for their product, matching the needs of different functional roles in the enterprise.

API Purchase Journey

Transactional data leaves a infinite trail of breadcrumbs that ostensibly tells you what, how, where and why your customers decide what to buy.

Yet the "dots" are often incomplete and difficult to connect.

They don't tell you why a decision was made, who else was involved, or what other forces and sources were at play.

With this mind, our client reached out to help fill the gaps.

They wanted to understand the "purchase journey" of enterprise buyers as they make the complex and difficult decision of selecting an API (application protocol interface).

With the aim of covering key audience segments and markets globally, a study of IT decision-makers, Business decision-makers and Developers was conducted in six countries.

Through detailed graphs and visualizations, NetPop illustrated the influencers, sources and factors that played a role at each phase of five phases of the purchase journey.

Armed with this information, marketing teams around the world had a valuable "lens" on how to better message to current and prospective customers.

Message Testing

A successful marketing campaign is not necessarily driven by the budget and media buy. You have to strike the right chord with your customers. 

An industry-leading technology company commissioned NetPop to conduct qualitative research to evaluate the optimal messaging for their upcoming campaign. 

IT decision-makers were interviewed via focus groups to gather feedback on the salience of alternative messaging strategies and their potential impact on purchase decisions.

Research helped our client refine their messaging and positioning strategies and define the key selling points of their product.

New Home Robotics Concept Testing

Robotics are the new frontier -- the latest "brave new world" in home technology products.

As engineers work to develop product prototypes, our clients reached out to gain a better understanding the target market.

NetPop designed a two-phased study, starting with focus groups and concluding with a quantitative study that combined ranking, rating and pricing exercises.

Qualitative research uncovered the pain points in household chores and what the characteristics of market-viable robot to support those needs might look like.

Quantitative research went a step further to statistically measure market reaction to alternative designs and gauge demand and varying price points.

Armed with this research, our clients was able to steer next-stage product development based on real-world price/demand feedback.

Brand Identity

A leading creative agency commissioned NetPop to conduct brand identity research for their client -- an up-and-coming coffee company located in SF, LA, and DC.

Key objectives were to understand customers’ perceptions of the company and how the brand compares to its key competitors.

Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods (personifications, mood board, etc.), we were able to analyze customer attitudes to uncover deep brand associations.

Research provided our client with detailed representations of the brand -- its character, strengths and weaknesses -- and those of its competitors.

Findings were communicated through rich data visualizations and illustrations, providing the creative team with a strong foundation for campaign development.

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