Going Hyper-Local

Always on and always connected, mobile phones make it possible to make social and entertainment decisions on the go.

“Hyper-local” means we can explore where to go, and what to do, at any given moment -- across town, or right in our own neighborhoods.

To help bring the product possibilities to life for our client, NetPop uses quantitative research to understand the unmet needs of urban, mobile-net-enabled users.

This tracking study, conducted annually in the US, India, and Japan, tracks the competitive landscape and key user perceptions and needs.

In turn, our client gains timely market data to guide the development of its local app product and measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Quarterly Customer Satisfaction

Since 2015, Netpop has measured satisfaction and perceptions of a major online shopping service.

We uncover critical service issues and pain points based on feedback from over 10,000 active shoppers in 23 commercial zones across the United States.

What do shoppers think of recent policy changes and new features?

What markets are underperforming and why?

What core strengths drive shopper satisfaction and loyalty?

How are shopper demographics shifting?

In answering such questions, our client is able to monitor satisfaction, learn the impact of changes, and gain a valuable lens on the “health” of their service overall.

Digital Life Segmentation

How can we segment our target audience beyond traditional demographics?

NetPop collaborated with a Silicon Valley tech leader to create a multi-variate market segmentation of the company’s target audience.

Hoping to better understand what appealed to one group of users over another, NetPop created a psychographic model of the U.S. online population to illuminate the personal attributes that traditional demographic breakdowns often overlook.

The result was a holistic portrait of six core user segments, illustrating the things that matter most to them on the web, which was then used as a tool to guide product marketing and development initiatives throughout the coming year.

Geo-Transport App Development

With the goal to increase market share in key markets in the US and UK, a transit data and mobility analytics company selected NetPop to test a variety of potential features for development and marketing.

Current use, preference, and barriers were identified to better understand the target audience and to determine the transit app company’s market position against competitors.

Relative importance of product features were calculated via Maximum Difference Scaling in order to prioritize features that would increase adoption, frequency of use, and loyalty among its target audience of public transit users.

Cybersecurity Market Landscape

In the extremely crowded and fast-moving cybersecurity market, our client sought to better understand their current position in terms of brand awareness, familiarity and perceptions.

Are cybersecurity decision-makers familiar with service offerings and those of the competition?

How can their market position be improved, based on perceived strengths and weaknesses of the company and key competitors in the market?

Quantitative research was fielded in the US, UK and Australia with Enterprise IT security decision-makers.

Research revealed our clients’ position in the market and the core strengths of its brand based on feedback from those who know it best.

Findings set the foundation for strategic planning for the coming year, guiding PR and marketing initiatives.

Dual-Platform Mobile App Tracker

With two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS, app marketers face competitive threats on two fronts.

After all, the Android user experience and competitive landscape may be quite different than iOS.

Our client, the maker of one of the most popular global mobile apps, approached us in 2012 to design a mechanism for measuring customer satisfaction, brand awareness and feature needs on both platforms.

This study, now in its 6th year, is conducted annually in the US, India, Brazil, UK, and Japan.

Using our proprietary sampling method, we collect representative samples of mobile users in these key markets.

Post-field, we compare results across years, brands and platforms -- generating actionable insight that help the best local marketing strategies.

Enterprise IT Software Pricing

Netpop was asked to identify the optimal configuration and price point for a suite of enterprise productivity software products.

NetPop surveyed hundreds of IT decision-makers in large companies, using a series of quantitative pricing methods (Conjoint, Van Westendorp, Gabor-Granger) to guide pricing and feature bundling decisions.

Research uncovered a narrow, optimal price range and which features that would most motivate decision-makers to consider the product for adoption.

Guided by these insights, this product is now on the market, at a price within the recommended range.

Global Online Publishing

Terms like “vast” and “interconnected” are used to describe the network of platforms, publishers and technologies that make-up the online media industry.

Monitoring the individual and collective strength of such an “ecosystem” is difficult to do, but NetPop has developed a way.

A prominent global online advertising company hired NetPop to track the satisfaction of online publishers with the services and support they receive from their ad management partners.

This annual study includes a comparative analysis of publishers from over 60+ countries and 15 languages.

In its 3rd wave of research, NetPop has continued to track essential KPIs and provide actionable insights for partners to improve their services.

Our findings have helped define areas of strength and opportunity for these publishing partners and for the program as a whole on a global and regional scale.

SMB Laptop Pricing & Positioning

With the goal of growing market share among small businesses, a prominent laptop manufacturer asked NetPop to test reactions to alternative models, license features and price points. 

NetPop designed custom quantitative research with IT decision-makers in the United States.

Using split-sample design with Maximum-Difference Scaling and Gabor-Granger pricing exercises, results identified the most salient SMB license features and optimal price range for both low- and higher-end models.

Findings reinforced prior qualitative research and were used to guide market positioning and product (hardware) improvement decisions.

Global Competitive Brand Audit

Netpop was asked by one of the world’s leading technology companies to help them understand web browser adoption at the enterprise level.

Spanning 13 countries and 9 languages, this study reveals the needs and concerns that influence IT decision-making of large companies.

This study also tracks brand awareness and perceptions, providing our client with a reliable way to monitor shifts in the competitive landscape and tweak marketing strategies accordingly.

Most importantly, results enable our client to monitor the growth of a competitive brand -- the “new kid on the block” as it gains mind- and market-share. 

Value of PR Investment

A Fortune 500 company asked Netpop to quantify the impact of global PR initiatives.

To do this, NetPop collected virtually every article written about the product within a span of 15 months from all over the world.

The dataset included over 3,000 articles from over 2,000 publishers.

Almost 50% were from Europe.

The NetPop team undertook rigorous training to exclude syndicated and unreliable articles and ensure high intercoder reliability.

Through additional research, we gathered the number of monthly unique visitors and the cost of displaying advertising on these news sites, creating a model to quantify the PR value of these articles.

Armed with our analysis, our client could support the positive impact of their PR campaigns and push further initiatives forward.

Global Strategic Planning

How can we drive strategic planning with management teams globally? 

NetPop was asked by a prominent Fortune 500 company to conduct a global study that evaluates the overall satisfaction of existing partners and end customers with its ad sales business.

Now in the 8th year, we’ve continued to survey our client’s existing network of customers on an annual basis, aggregating the data from countries on five continents and reporting back the most useful findings on how to better the company’s product offering.

Our work continues to inform the team’s strategic planning at the global, regional and national-level -- helping to strengthen and evolve an already lucrative online advertising ecosystem.

Global Product Brand Tracker

6371 interviews per wave. 38 competitive brands. 12 brand metrics. 7 countries. 6 product categories. 4 languages. 2 waves per year. 

Since 2015, NetPop has conducted a comprehensive brand tracker for a major business productivity software company.

The goal? To keep a reliable “pulse” on awareness and perceptions in key markets globally and to detect shifts in the competitive landscape over time.

Results show which product brands hold the lead, are gaining momentum, or losing steam.

Competitive insights help our client set priorities around its marketing efforts and measure the effectiveness in raising brand awareness and perceptions.

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