The NetPop Quidget™ Platform facilitates conversations between brands and consumers

The NetPop Quidget creates quick and compelling engagements between brands and people. Our platform and Quidget services deliver custom-crafted, branded engagements which are distributed across the Web through IAB-compliant ad units. Quidgets open the dialogue between you and the people you want to reach via custom designed surveys, to reinforce certain attributes of your brand or products, gain instant feedback for strategic decision-making and make tactical comparisons across target groups and communities.

What can a Quidget do for my brand?

Check out the specific ways Quidgets can help your brand:

Advertising Effectiveness

Running a campaign on TV, in print or elsewhere? A NetPop Quidget can measure the impact of your campaign. NetPop services will create a custom-designed survey that can be deployed across the web to gain feedback on ad awareness, recall and impact. Run a “pre-flight” Quidget for benchmark data to accurately measure brand lift. Extend your campaign further by inviting Quidget-takers to view your ad at the end.

Brand Development

Customer feedback is a tricky thing – gather too much and you feel overwhelmed, gather too little and you quickly lose touch. What if you could to test a new slogan or focus your next marketing campaign? A NetPop Quidget can do this for you, and even keep you in touch with the fans of your brands that care the most.

Brand Messaging

Can asking questions engage people more deeply in your brand? Yes, it can. The NetPop Quidget services offer a powerful way for you to impart the attributes of your brand. Through carefully-crafted questions and answers, the qualities of your brands come to life more vividly in the people’s minds. Special offers and promotions can be tailored to individual Quidget-takers, based on the answers they provide in these surveys.

Interest-Based Marketing

Is your company committed to supporting a particular interest or humanitarian issue? A Quidget can connect your brand with the interests that you and your consumers care about. (This one is especially important to us, since the NetPopulation is about making change for the better.) By asking important questions about the cause your company supports, you can join people in their efforts, and they can join you in yours.

Digital Advertising Enhancement

Running a campaign online? A NetPop Quidget can go even further in measuring ad effectiveness and furthering the goals of a digital campaign. Serve a Quidget before an ad to tailor the message that follows. Serve a Quidget after an ad for immediate feedback on your campaign. For a more accurate measure of digital ad effectiveness, you can also compare those who have seen your digital ad to those who haven’t. This works great with Ad Effectiveness or a Market Insights Quidget, by the way.

Feature Feedback

Curious to know what your target market wants? A NetPop Quidget can give you valuable feedback on the styles or features consumers are looking for. Whether you make computers, appliances or cosmetics, bank accounts or travel services, NetPop Quidget services can be designed to find out what people want.

Lead Generation

Looking for a creative and innovative way to target in-market consumers? A NetPop Quidget can help. A few pointed questions can put you face-to-face with the people you want to reach, putting you a step closer than your competitors to closing the sale. Custom offers or promotions can be offered then and there, or we’ll collect the email addresses and get in touch with them later.

Market Insights

In fast-moving markets, it’s critical to stay ahead of the trends. A NetPop Quidget can be deployed across the web with relative ease and efficiency. If you don’t have time to field a formal survey, or organize a focus group road-show, Quidgets are a great alternative. Of course, if you have time for formal research, we can help with that too.


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