About us

NetPop is a market research and strategy consulting firm based in San Francisco. We specialize in understanding the use and perceptions of web-based products and services, including eCommerce, social media, online video, mobile applications, and B2B online advertising platforms.

NetPop principals and staff draw on a long history of working with some of the most influential  brands on the web today—from Ebay to Netflix, Facebook to Google. Whether you’re a fully digital organization, or one that competes in traditional verticals, our fundamental goal is to help clients better understand and make the most of their brand equity, product offerings and online presence.

Combined, our senior staff have provided strategic services to emerging and established companies for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer our clients, as well as using consumer data to uncover new insights about where their brands are heading.  Every study we conduct focuses on The Human Behind Every Click.TM

“NetPop is a research partner that I keep recommending to peers and friends. We’ve been working together for years and receiving quality research that’s rich with insights and actionable recommendations rooted in their deep understanding of our space. They also know how fast paced our industry is and respond with the speed and flexibility that we need.”
– Sergio Civetta, Google